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Cannot delete a Feature Class in SDE database.

08-09-2016 07:41 AM
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I am trying to delete a Feature Class in my sde database. This feature class is not used anywhere and is not attached to any MXD file. When I try to delete in ArcCatalog I get :

'Failed to delete selected object(s)'.

'Lock request conflicts with an established lock.'

'Lock by database user: 'SDE' on machine: 'chigeoapp01' (I get this 7 lines)

'Lock by database user: 'SDE' on machine: 'dg2k8esridev1' (I get this 7 lines)

How do I get rid of these locks or find out at least what is locking this Feature Class.

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Do you have any published services that utilize this feature class? You've got a user named SDE on two different machines using your feature classes; not sure why you'd want him doing that.  IMHO user SDE should only be used for admin purposes.

But to your initial question, you can try:

Shutting down and restarting those two machines

Shut down and restart your SDE service

That should just about do it....
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Two machines:'chigeoapp01' and 'dg2k8esridev1' have "open" connections blocking thefeature class, maybe because it is used in a AGS service, opened in an mxd,...

You can free these locks (but you will close the connectons using the feature classes) this way:

- in ArcCatalog, select the connction (you will need administrative - sde  - privileges)

- right button -> Administration -> Administer Geodatabase , tab "Locks"

- look for the right object and "Disconnect" the session that is locking he fc.


Jesús de Diego