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05-25-2022 11:42 AM
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The first of a series of blogs was released to discuss why personal geodatabases are not supported within ArcGIS Pro.   Additional blogs within this series have also been released and further explore options such as:

  • Using OLE DB to establish a read-only connection from ArcGIS Pro to your personal geodatabase.
  • Table comparing the differences between file-based geodatabases (mobile, file, and personal geodatabases)
  • Migrating data from a personal geodatabase to a file geodatabase.
  • Migrating data from a file geodatabase to a mobile geodatabase.

An additional blog will be released soon within this series and will further explore:

  • Reporting options available to use with your mobile geodatabase.

This discussion is for questions that are directly related to content/concepts included in these specific blogs: 

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It would make much sense to provide a convertion tool(mdb to gdb) in ArcGIS Pro environment. After migrating to ArcGIS Pro, I doubt anyone would still paying for the ArcMap license!

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@xingchenc, I understood that what you ask it's not possible because some libraries needed to read mdb are not available in 64 -bit environment.

Maybe @ElaineEvans Esri should consider to provide a stand alone tool, or a web tool where we can load our mdb and download a gdb, when ArcMap Licence will not be available any more (march 2025 for my organization).

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Yes, a stand alone tool would be great!

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