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Best Practice for Remote editing Enterprise Geodatabases

09-19-2021 04:10 PM
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I'm trying to figure out what is the best practice for remote editing of data held in Enterprise Geodatabases.

Since Covid we've had a greater demand from our Technicians to work from home. These technicians are currently using a VPN to access our orgainsation's on premise data and edit via SDE Connections. Our Enterprise Geodatabases are versioned with the option to move edits to base. 

We are implementing a completely new GIS environment Enterprise 10.8.1 or possibly 10.9.1 SQL Server 2019 and have the opportunity to implement new editing processes. From the documentation it looks like branched versioning and editing via a feature service is now the recommend process. Potentially if we added these editable feature services to our external facing Portal then any of our Technicians could edit remotely in any location and on any device. I'm assuming that editing a feature service will also be more light weight and offer better performance?

My main concern with this approach is security. We would have our key datasets exposed to the internet via feature services. While I understand that once a branched version dataset is published as a feature service security is handle by Portal this still doesn't seems like a best practice? Would we be creating exposure to our internal networks?

Is anyone else editing corporate data via branched versioned feature services on an external facing Portal ?

Any help would be appreciated






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Hi @ClintonBallandis1 

You are totally correct about branch versioning and service based editing workflows, ArcGIS Pro is designed for this specific purpose as well, editing against feature service should be seamless and convenient experience.
Your concerns about public facing Enterprise are valid, I would suggest going through this list of recommended security practices for this scenario:



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