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ArcGIS 10.5 Desktop find query is invalid for globalid

01-17-2018 11:53 PM
New Contributor

I am using ArcGIS 10.5 and Postgesql 9.5 database. I have added globalid to my feature class via "Add GlobalIDs" tool. So I want to search a keyword in my feature class :


But I this search returns error:

I have looked the postgresql error logs and the query string created like this:

 select  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.objectid,,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.tur_id,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.zemin_kot,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.akar_kot,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.derinlik,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.kurum_id,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.firma_id,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.yapim_tarihi,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.veri_id,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.x,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.y,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.ilce_id,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.layer,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.globalid,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.created_user,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.created_date,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.last_edited_user,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.last_edited_date,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.proje_id,  st_asewkb(ST_setSRID(atiksu_donati_noktalari.shape,-1)) AS shape,  sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.nokta_adi,  isugis.sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari.GDB_GEOMATTR_DATA  from  isugis.sde.atiksu_donati_noktalari   where ((objectid = 1000 or UPPER(id) like '%1000%' or tur_id = 1000 or zemin_kot = 1000 or akar_kot = 1000 or derinlik = 1000 or kurum_id = 1000 or firma_id = 1000 or veri_id = 1000 or x = 1000 or y = 1000 or ilce_id = 1000 or UPPER(layer) like '%1000%' or globalid = 1000 or UPPER(created_user) like '%1000%' or UPPER(last_edited_user) like '%1000%' or UPPER(proje_id) like '%1000%' or UPPER(nokta_adi) like '%1000%'))

The cause of this error is about globalid where clause: globalid = 1000 

If I set the globalid where clause like this globalid = '%1000%'  and run the query on Pgadmin tool, error does not occured: 

I think the ArcMap is generating invalid sql query for globalid in search operations. 

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