Arcade Attribute Rules on joined feature layers (ArcGIS Pro)

08-23-2020 06:42 PM
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I have a series of attribute rules defined. The various fields are referenced using $feature.<fieldname>. I know my rules are valid and well defined because they work fine as long as the feature class is edited on its own. I can successfully edit both as individual features via the attribute editor and with the CalculateField tool.

As soon as I join the feature class to another layer and attempt to use the CalculateField tool I get a 'Field not found' error. I am guessing this is related to the fact that the attribute can't find $feature.<fieldname> in a joined table. If I manually attempt to calculate a field on the same joined table the arcade syntax switches to $feature['<tablename>.<fieldname>'] - however this syntax does not appear to work when the feature class is edited on its own.

Is there a syntax that will work both with a standalone feature class and when participating in a join ?

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Hi Chris Hardie ,

In Arcade you can retrieve related records and do virtual joins too. Is there a specific reason to join the data? If after you join the data enter and edit an Arcade expression, how are the fields represented if you insert them in the expression builder?

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