Esri Utility Network Configuration and Data Loading Tools Status

05-03-2018 02:31 PM
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Network Configuration Data Model Version Last Update Configuration Location Data Loading Tools Location Migration Tools Location

Electric (Distribution & Transmission)4.0May 2021
Communications1.1May 2021
Gas / Hazardous Liquid Pipeline (UPDM)1.2May 2021

Sewer4.0May 2021
Stormwater4.0May 2021
Water Distribution4.1May 2021


This table shows the current status of Utility Network Industry Configurations and data loading tools.  It will be kept up to date.


Resource specific data models for the utility network are contained in the corresponding Network Configuration.  For example, if looking for the water distribution data model for the utility network download the Water Distribution Data Management for ArcGIS Enterprise.

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Thank you for letting us know the links are not working, we will get them fixed today.

A workbench for sewer does not exist.

The Sewer Utility Network foundation is here -

I would explore the Data Loading tools for migration -

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Hi Mike,

Do we have an indicative release date on data loading for other utility networks, specifically sewer? 

We'd like to see if these things are tailored to migrating from an Esri geometric network or they could be used for other sources like in our locale.

Do they handle complex transformations?



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Hi Chris,


We don't anticipate releasing Utility Network Data Loading for Sewer in the short term.  My suggestion is to use the generic Data Loading Tools Data Loading Tools | ArcGIS Solutions with your input sewer data and your desired output asset package and establish the mapping yourself.  


Think of Water Utility Network Data Loading Water Distribution Utility Network Data Loading | ArcGIS Solutions for Water  as the Data Loading Tools preconfigured for a common representation of a water distribution system as the source and the most recent water asset package as the target.  The documentation includes some additional useful info when working with water datasets, but will highlight concepts that will help you with sewer or other data sets.


So you would use the same tools - Data Loading - just feed your source and target in and establish your own mappings.  Yes, you would have to do some extra work, but we've heard from other organizations loading sewer data that once they understand how the Data Loading Tools work it is a quick process to set it up for their specific source and target.


Hope that helps.





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Hi, I would like to know if there is an ETA for the Fiber configuration 1.0 release (Anticipated Q3 2020 is this the 1.0 release) and if any of the following artifacts would be provided for Fiber or any of the telecom configurations.

  • Data Reviewer (.rbj) for fiber
  • FME Workbench
  • Data Loading Tool
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It's great to see that the water industry data models are still being worked on, but there seems to be a minor inconsistency in the asset package GDB provided within the "Sewer Data Management for ArcGIS Enterprise" solution (v1) zip file - the rename table still has references to "collector force main" and "interceptor force main" asset types which have elsewhere been replaced with a single "force main" asset type.
Can we simply add another record to this table to support renaming of the new asset type, and ignore/remove the rename records pertaining to the asset types that have been deprecated?

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