Vehicle Routing Problem

04-18-2019 09:06 AM
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My work is regrading  'Garbag collection routing system in Saputara Hill Station'. In that i have prepared Network Data-set and created Vehicle Routing Problem. In my case i have load 15 bin locations for garbage pickup with 1 unit capacity as order, two depot locations as parking area and disposal_site and add route from 'parking' depot to 'disposal_site' depot as 1 unit capacity (because in Saputara; tractor used for bin collection can attach one bin at a time). 
Solving the network, results show the path from point 1. (parking) → point 2. (one of the fifteen bins) → point 3. (disposal site). It indicates tractor moving from point 1 (parking) to point 2 (bin location), carrying one bin (from fifteen bins) to the point 3 (Disposal_site). After that I want to deliver the empty bin from disposal site to pick up bin location (point 2) again and then from that location i want to renew route so that the tractor finds another bin for pickup and carry out the same process till the fifteenth bin is emptied. In short, I know how to do analysis for A (parking) to B (bin 1), B (bin 1) to C (disposal site) but my topic requires analysis for A (parking) to B (bin 1), B (bin 1) to C(disposal site) and then C(disposal site) to B(bin 1) and then renew the trip from point B (bin 1). How is it possible to do so?

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