Define a directed graph of points in a map to find the distance

04-04-2019 09:12 AM
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I am working with ArcMap. I have a dataset which consists of sensors in a city. It has their location and also the direction of roads in which these sensors are. I wanted to ask whether it is possible to use these directions to define a directed graph. My point is that it helps to find the distance between points in the highway based on their real distance and not just Euclidean distance. Maybe two sensors are really close but on two different sides of a highway.

Thank you so much.

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Do you want to define a directed graph based on the sensor locations OR do you want to find shortest path network distances between them? The second can be done by using the Origin Destination Cost Matrix service on AGOL which uses a pre-configured street network datataset.


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Thank you 

I want to describe sensors as a directed graph. Therefore, I am looking for an algorithm which generates an adjacency matrix.

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