Data errors on AGOL hosted feature layers

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08-15-2019 05:35 PM
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Since upgrading from the trial AGOL to a Creator license, any shapefile I upload leads to a "data error" when accessing the data table on the hosted features layer. I've tried with shapefiles from different sources with different data types and of different sizes. The error is consistent. The hosted layer feature will be "created" and have x features but none of the data is accessible.

The layers also can be added to a map but yield a drawing error when mapped. Is this an issue with the upgrade or something else?

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I am having the same problem differently. I created a hosted feature layer through Arc GIS Pro in which everything works fine, after creating feature layer opened the data table and it was there on AGOL (image attached below) but when viewed it in map viewer there was this error (accessing data failed) (image attached). Please find attached the images. How can I can resolve the issue?


KrishnaWorking properly in Arc GIS ProData is available on AGOLErrorMap not completely drawn?

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Hi Krishna and GSS OPS,

Please contact Esri Tech Support so they can help investigate your issue further.


Hope this helps,

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I have the same problem. I create a hosted feature layer depicting lakes, it 'analyzes' just fine in Pro, publishes, creates the feature service in ArcGIS Online, but when added to a web map, it doesn't draw and can't load the attributes.

Also: why is Derek Law's earliest answer marked as the "Correct Answer" doesn't address the issue?

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Hey Matt,

1. Try directly uploading the SHP file on the AGOL, it will definitely work.

2. The reason why Derek Law answered is marked correct is because it may be region specific problem and not to wholesome software related problem that why Derek which I guess sits in ESRI headquarter can't help much about.

Hope step 1 works!!! 

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