Esri MOOC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

01-24-2020 10:16 AM
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Esri MOOC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a MOOC?

MOOC stands for massive open online course. Esri MOOCs:

  • Require registration but are free to take.
  • Cover a single theme or topic. 
  • Introduce participants to subject matter experts from across Esri and its community.
  • Allow participants to study whenever they have time, at their own pace.
  • Encourage participants to learn from one another.
  • Include videos, exercises, discussions, quizzes, polls, and surveys.
  • Provide free access to Esri software licenses for the duration of the course.
  • Involve four to six weeks of instruction, with about two-three hours of study required per week.
  • Have firm start and end dates.
  • Award certificates to all participants who complete the course.


When is the next offering of a specific MOOC? How do I register?

You can find the dates for upcoming MOOCs on the Esri MOOC page. Clicking on a course card will bring you to the course catalog description page, where you can register. To register, you will need to sign in with an ArcGIS account (public or organizational). If you do not have an ArcGIS account, you can create a public account for free at

  • Note: If you don't see a date on the MOOC course card, the next offering has not yet been scheduled. If desired, you can go to the course catalog description page and join the waiting list. Esri Training will email you when registration opens.


How do I access a MOOC?

After you register, a MOOC is added to your My Schedule page on the Training site (be sure to sign in with the same user name and password you used to register for the course). The Attend MOOC button becomes active on the course opening date at 3 a.m. Pacific Time. 

Will I get a certificate for the MOOC?

If you finish all of the material before the course closes, you will receive a PDF certificate of completion. Please note that we cannot provide extensions to complete the course material, so please plan your study time carefully if earning the certificate is important to you.


How much do I need to know about GIS?

You do need not to have any GIS experience, but general computer and web browsing skills and some familiarity with GIS concepts will enhance your learning. 


What software will I use? What are the system requirements? 

Each MOOC is different. During a course, you will have free access to licenses for the Esri software used. Please review the Software section on each MOOC catalog description page to confirm that your computer's hardware and operating system meet the course requirements.


Can I take the lessons at any time?  Are there weekly deadlines?

You can complete the lessons at the days and times most convenient for you. There are no required meeting times. New content is opened each week and we encourage you to complete it during that week if possible to avoid falling behind. To get the most out of the course, plan to spend at least two to three hours each week. Tip: Add a recurring appointment to your personal calendar to stay on track with the course.


Will the MOOC show up in my Esri training history?

Yes, if you complete a MOOC your certificate will display in your Esri training history. Certificates from all Esri training courses, including MOOCs, are available via your My Learning Activity page. If you believe a certificate for an Esri MOOC you completed between 2014 and 2017 is missing from your page, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. Please include your name, your ArcGIS account user name, and the name and date of the course. We'll find it and add it to your page.


If I still have a question, where can I get help?

  • While the course is in session, visit the Forum or Help tab inside the course to ask your question.
  • For general questions when a course is not in session, please visit this Help page and use the form at the bottom of the page.
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good day, my esri mooc account on spatial data science wont load completely, nothing is displayed. what do i do.

Hi Ifeanyi, have you been attending the MOOC and using your course account for a while, or are you just getting started with the course? If you're just getting started, your account may still be getting setup and should be available within a day.

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