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06-21-2018 02:16 PM
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This year, the Esri User Conference theme seems especially thought-provoking. We’ve been reflecting on it a lot. What’s next for us—Esri Training?

In case you don’t know, Esri Training is a team of teams. We like to say we’re the people part of the platform. Did you know your ArcGIS license included people? Figuratively speaking of course.

Our teams include top-notch instructors, education specialists, designers, systems support superheroes, dedicated training consultants, certification experts, and a host of smart, talented people. We all agree that helping other people knowledgeably apply ArcGIS capabilities is a pretty awesome way to earn a paycheck.

After all, we play a role in enabling hundreds of thousands of ArcGIS users to make a difference in their organizations and the world…and earn a paycheck of their own. That’s rewarding.

In August 2016, when we last released a major update of our website, we said

"The new Esri Training site is dedicated to the idea that learning should be easy, timely, and fun. Over time, even more features will be added to motivate and engage learners."

Fast-forward almost two years. Today we remain dedicated to easy, timely, fun learning. Our redesigned website, releasing in just a few days, has more features to motivate and engage learners. The new website also represents the future: it’s what’s next for us.

Esri Academy—brought to you by the people of Esri Training—is the new digital destination to discover, explore, consume, plan, and continue your learning. It’s a destination designed to help you build geospatial skills, grow your ArcGIS expertise, and advance your professional and personal goals.

You may be thinking, “Esri Academy? What’s this all about?”

In geographic terms, Esri Academy is the intersection of training and learning. It’s where “how” meets “why.”

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A lot of people connect “training” with mastering the series of clicks needed to accomplish specific tasks using specific software. A bit boring but useful and necessary.

Of course we create courses that teach how to accomplish specific tasks using specific software. And we do so much more.

Our teams create content that explains GIS concepts, the geographic approach to problem-solving, and the choices that must be made before the clicks—content that goes beyond teaching how to use features and functions.

We address the “why” because we think it’s important that ArcGIS users understand the context in which they’re applying tools. We aim to help the community adopt best practices to produce accurate data, maps, and apps.

We support the many users who are excited about GIS and the customer organizations that see the strategic value of a geospatially literate workforce. We want to make it easy for managers and education professionals to support geospatial learning. We also really do want learning to be fun.

These are the “why’s” that have brought us to Esri Academy.

Esri Academy is where you go to attend a class, watch a video, join a live seminar, take all kinds of e-Learning, interact with thousands of other learners around the world in a MOOC, and download white papers to stay up to date with the latest ArcGIS capabilities.

When you’re at Esri Academy, you’re not alone. At any given moment, a large community of learners is right there with you. The experience is personal. You control what, when, and how you learn.

Esri Academy is where you have tools to craft your own learning journey—because everyone has unique goals. We’re especially excited to bring you new tools to create, share, and assign learning plans.

We believe individuals and organizations empowered to knowledgeably use ArcGIS software can accomplish great things and make a positive impact in the world.

Starting June 26, Esri Academy is your new and improved location for lifelong learning. You will still find us at


Want to know more about Esri Academy?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll dive into new Esri Academy features you will definitely want to check out.

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