ArcGIS Marketplace: Esri's Destination for ArcGIS Users to Get Apps & Content from Qualified Providers

04-07-2016 05:29 PM
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The objective of this blog is to educate Esri Startup Program members on ArcGIS Marketplace and the benefits of becoming a Provider. Our team recently hosted a webinar on the topic, Expanding Your Reach with ArcGIS Marketplace, April 4, 2016, if you missed it, you can view the recording here:

Introducing ArcGIS Marketplace

The ArcGIS Marketplace is a destination that enables ArcGIS users around the world to easily search, discover, and get apps and content from Esri and qualified Providers for use within their organization. Providers are, Esri Business Partners, Esri Distributors, Esri Startups or Emerging Partners, and Esri. All the apps in the Marketplace are built to work with ArcGIS Online so they can easily be shared with ArcGIS Online groups and users within your organization, making it easier to find apps and data that serve visitor’s needs.

Who can be a Provider?

Whether you're a long-time partner or new to Esri, you are just a few steps away from becoming an authorized provider.

Benefits of Becoming a Provider:

We make it easier for you to generate leads, connect with worldwide users, and provide free trials. Here is a list of additional benefits:

  • Access to the global ArcGIS user community!
  • Keep all of the sales revenue from your listing(s) (small fee for e-commerce service)
  • Provide trials and get qualified leads
  • Leverage the e-commerce integration (begin leveraging in May 2016)
  • Differentiate your products / content
  • Manage subscriptions and renewals
  • Be a part of global marketing and sales campaigns

How are Providers Being Successful?

App providers represented in ArcGIS Marketplace include GEO Jobe, Mapillary, what3words, Antris, Maptiks, and more. Marketplace Content providers include AccuWeather, Blackbridge, Hexagon, Airbus Esri, and many more.

Esri Partner, GEO Jobe, highlights their success and experience with the ArcGIS Marketplace. GEO Jobe offers development and consulting packages, working with clients to identify opportunities where GIS technology can increase operational efficiency and then implement solutions that allow for these opportunities to be capitalized on. They also feature the top three most popular Marketplace apps, were an early adopter, and provision their applications to 2,500+ organizations and growing daily.

GEO Jobe offered a few tips and benefits on how they are being successful with ArcGIS Marketplace: Bundle your product with an existing Esri business partner

    • Increased exposure in Esri ecosystem by partnering together
    • Direct marketing to existing clients on both sides
    • Modify existing apps and products for ArcGIS Marketplace readiness
    • In-App advertising of your product to users of our applications.
    • Lead generation, direct contact information for users
    • Brand building and name recognition
    • App ratings and comment feedback
    • High rated search engine optimization
    • Strong linkbacks for SEO on your main site

We strongly encourage you to explore leveraging the trusted expertise of Esri Partners such as GEO Jobe as you prepare to go to market. Doing so, you can gain critical business intel and best practices, get to market fast and quickly discover the power of the ArcGIS Platform.

How do I Become a Provider?

Being a Provider means you’re ready to sell your app on ArcGIS Marketplace. To learn more about the requirements and process visit:  To help our startups get a jump start we’ve prepared a Marketplace Readiness Checklist* divided into four main topic areas:

    1. Product Readiness
    2. Marketing Readiness
    3. Support Readiness
    4. Sales Readiness

Marketplace Readiness Checklist*

Product Readiness

  • The potential provider is out of beta and actual user testing has been completed
  • The potential provider has built its app/solution with the right Esri SDK or API. We want to ensure you are using the right Esri tools for the type of solution you are looking to achieve.
      • Web API’s
      • ArcGIS Runtime SDK’s
      • App Builders (Web App Builder, etc.)
  • Does your app or content meet the ArcGIS Marketplace and ArcGIS Online OAuth 2.0 criteria?
      • Leverage ArcGIS Online subscriptions—Apps listed in the marketplace add value to the ArcGIS Online subscription. The apps provide focused solutions and specialized functionality that can be used in conjunction with content associated with the customer's ArcGIS Online account
      • User login with OAuth 2.0—ArcGIS Marketplace targets accounts within ArcGIS Online subscriptions and, therefore, all apps listed in the marketplace must require users to securely sign in to the platform using OAuth 2.0
  • Does your App or Solution require other Esri products?  If so which ones?  ArcGIS Enterprise, Desktop, or Pro for example. 
  • Ensure your app isn’t using any Esri service that has or will be deprecated in the near future?
  • If your product is based on the Runtime SDK’s, does it support offline workflows that consume the initial offline basemaps from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise and does it include a Sync Enabled Geodatabase with proper Runtime licensing?
  • Other questions to ask –
      • Deployment model - Fully cloud-based, hybrid or on-premises. Ensure users understand these important characteristics.
      • What type of security issues does the ultimate user need to consider?
      • How do you plan on providing updates or bug fixes for users? 
      • What is coming in your longer-term roadmap? 
      • What does the current competitive landscape look like and how is your product different? 
      • Do we have sufficient “self-help” support and documentation for the Product available? 

Marketing Readiness

  • Esri partner logo on website
      • When applicable, Esri map displayed on Providers app and marketing (webpages, fliers, etc)
  • Provider is meeting the Esri branding guidelines for the App as well as their organization representation of our partners. (Access guidelines on Partner Portal)
  • Esri Partner Directory populated and educates the community about your company and solutions
  • Product solving an ArcGIS user problem – value proposition to our users is clear
  • You understand the addressable market for this product.
  • Are you ready to educate Esri teams on the value of your offering?
  • Is your App or Content applicable to one or more Esri Industry Sector teams?
  • Your product has a “dedicated” landing page on your website.
  • You have all the necessary marketing content ready to ensure your Marketplace listing is as clear and informative as possible (screenshots, images, YouTube video, etc.)
  • Your marketing plan, social media strategy, and more targeted campaigns are ready to be executed.  

Support Readiness

  • What are your plans for supporting users with technical issues?
  • Do you offer sufficient self-help support documentation?
  • Do you have staff ready to provide support? If so, phone or email? If phone, what are the hours?
  • Is there a workflow / capability for users to submit issues (bugs)?

Sales Readiness

  • You have staff that is ready and capable to support purchase requests, trial request follow-up meetings, sales development activities and lead qualification.
  • How do you process orders / take payment today if applicable and how would the Marketplace possibly augment this. 
  • Are you ready to educate Esri Sector teams (sales pitch)?  Do you have the have sales materials ready?

*This checklist is a guideline, always refer to for the most up to date requirements, guidelines, and common questions.

Are you a startup partner ready to sell your app or content on ArcGIS Marketplace, apply to become a provider. We want to help get you access to the largest GIS user base in the world and make it easy for you to connect with users, provide free trials, and generate leads.

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