Women and GIS: 30 More Inspirational Stories

05-13-2020 02:46 PM
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In the Foreword of the second volume of Women and GIS: Stars of Spatial Science, Dr. Jane Goodall relates,


“Everyone I told [about my dream to go to Africa, live with wild animals and write books about them] laughed at me. How could I do that? We had very little money. World War II was raging. Africa was far away. And I was “just a girl.” And girls didn’t do that sort of thing. So they told me I should dream about something I could actually achieve and forget about going to Africa. When a career counselor came to the school and heard that I wanted to go out and study animals in the wild, she laughed too.”


Dr. Goodall is not alone in her quest to follow her passion and do what she most desired to do. And our world is better for it.


Showcasing the lives and contributions of thirty women in STEM fields, Women and GIS: Stars of Spatial Science is an inspirational resource for young adults wondering how they might channel their STEM interests. Full of personal stories and groundbreaking scientific work, this book inspires anyone interested in making a difference in the world through GIS.



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