Applying GIS: A new Esri Press book series

02-16-2021 03:05 PM
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Before considering GIS in your industry or business, ask yourself how you think you might apply mapping and spatial analysis to your daily work. This means thinking about what you and your organization do within a geographic context and asking yourself, where are problems occurring and how does location affect your decision-making? This strategy may sound simple enough, but converting to a spatial thinking mode requires a spark of imagination and a practical application of GIS technology.

Beginning in 2021, Esri Press is launching a new series of books designed to light the way for taking a spatial thinking approach. The Applying GIS series explores tried-and-true ideas and strategies to build location intelligence into your profession, industry, or discipline—allowing you an inside look at where GIS might lead you before taking your first steps.

Each book in the Applying GIS series is developed in coordination with Esri industry experts and divided into themes related to an industry or discipline, focusing on where GIS is particularly helpful. Each theme contains a short set of real-life cases studies, followed by a section of ideas, strategies, tools, and actions you might use to get started with GIS. Applying GIS books are also designed to be compact and give you quick insight into how you might solve problems and modernize processes using location intelligence.

Developed for professionals and decisions makers, the Applying GIS series is also suitable for educators teaching courses in these and related topics.

The first in the series

The first books in the Applying GIS series are Delivering Water and Power, which focuses on GIS in gas, electric and water utilities, and Dealing with Disasters, about applying GIS to emergency management.


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Both books will be available in print and e-book formats in early 2021.


Delivering Water and Power concentrates on the use of GIS for utility operations, ranging from uncovering network vulnerabilities, creating detailed inventories of assets and structures, managing and communicating network outages, and creating better customer experiences online.

Pat Hohl, Esri’s director of electric industry solutions and co-editor of the book, says, “Delivering Water and Power directly reflects the committed professionals that work around the clock to provide the safe and reliable utility services sustaining our modern society. These are the behind-the-scenes stories of challenges conquered, and customers well served. Using the universal context of proximity, these examples harness location technology to maintain and improve vital infrastructure.”


Dealing with Disasters explores how emergency management agencies use GIS for real and potential hazards, including fires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and pandemics. The three themes in the book are preparedness, response, and recovery.

Ryan Lanclos, Esri’s director of public safety solutions and disaster response, co-edited Dealing with Disasters. He believes that this book offers readers an understanding into the potential that GIS can bring to their respective organizations. He says, “Our current environment requires that emergency management professionals better understand the integrated nature of risk and vulnerabilities that exist today, and that they anticipate where to respond to incidents that are more complex and demanding than ever before. The stories in Dealing with Disasters show how organizations around the world are changing the dynamic in emergency management using GIS throughout all phases of emergency management.”

More Applying GIS series books are in the works. Upcoming books cover natural resources, state and local government, public safety, transportation, and more.

Delivering Water and Power and Dealing with Disasters are available for pre-order at your favorite online book retailer.

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