When I share a web map from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online it just says the layers cannot be added to the map. Why is this the case?

04-12-2019 12:42 AM
New Contributor
  • There are no errors from the ArcGIS Pro side as when I click the analyze button it says no errors.
  • No issues also with configuration either of the feature classes.
  • The feature classes that I create get added to the ArcGIS Online but the address layers which are from displaying X and Y co-ordinates in an Excel file do not get added to the ArcGIS Online Web Map. Why?
  • I have attached a photo of the layers I want to add. The Connection layer is the only one that goes across to ArcGIS Online which I created from a feature class. 
  • Is it something to do with Co-ordinate systems?
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