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09-08-2010 08:19 PM
New Contributor
Ccurrently working on GPT 9.3.1, an error message appear when tyring to submit the parameters filled. The error is as following:

" String or binary data would be truncated".

I've checked for the data types of all the fields and the actual values I was trying to insert. I dont see any mismatch in data type  or say the size of data type defined. Throughout the entire definition.xml, only input="text" and "textArea" were used, and the maxlength is set to be maxlength="50". Those entered value were within this maxlength.

What could be the problem?

Aprreciate feedback from everyone. Thanks.
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Esri Contributor
Some follow up questions:
1. Have you successfully published before?  Any changes since then?
2. Is this only happening with the web form, or also with other publishing methods?
3. Can you isolate which field in the web form is causing the error?
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