GeoPortal Server without access to ArcGIS Online Services

08-08-2011 04:36 AM
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We are behind the firewall and do not have access to commerical internet. We have ArcGIS Server Standard Edition.

1. What services do we need to create to replace the ArcGIS Online services referenced in GeoPortal Server
2. What changes do I make to the gpt.xml to make this function correctly.

At first glance I can tell that this line is calling an API that we would have to have locally correct?:
<interactiveMap jsapiUrl=""  (How do I get this locally?)

Then again this block of text would have to be modified to something we build in house:
mapServiceUrl="" mapServiceType="dynamic"
geometryServiceUrl="" locatorUrl="" locatorSingleFieldParameter = "City"/>

Thanks in advance for your help!

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