Geoportal and ArcGIS Server security support

06-04-2014 02:31 AM
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Can Geoportal 1.2.5 register secured ArcGIS map services as datasources?

It seems possible to register map services which are configured as Public in ArcGIS Server but the moment you secure your ArcGIS server and configure Web Tier authentication via the Web Adaptor, Geoportal can no longer register the data source.  Is this a known limitation or are there some steps I can follow to support this environment?

ArcGIS Server 10.2.2
-Users and roles from an existing enterprise system
-Web Tier via Web Adaptor
-IIS (Windows Authentication)
Geoportal 1.2.5

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Esri Contributor

When geoportal connects to ArcGIS Server to harvest content it does so not with the user's identity. hence the windows authentication on your ArcGIS Server would consider the geoportal server an anonymous user and respond accordingly.

A workaround is to create metadata descriptions for the service using the metadata editor or using an external editor and then uploading the metadata XML. In the metadata you (a known windows identity) can paste the URL to the secure ArcGIS Server. users who find this then in the geoportal and try to open it would either be recognized by the server or would be prompted for credentials/rejected access.

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