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07-30-2015 06:41 PM
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Can anyone make any suggestions for study materials useful for taking the GISP exam?

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According to one of their presentations, here's a breakdown of knowledge areas:

It says on their FAQ page:

Study materials will be prepared and will be available prior to exam launch.

I perused their site; however, I could not find these study materials! Maybe you can touch base to see if they released the materials?

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Hi Chris,

I just found your post. I was wondering whether you found some materials for the exam?

I am planning to take it this year.

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Exam Preparation Info 

this looks like a good starting point.  I found it under the Exam Info tab->Exam Candidate Info

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GISCI recently added a practice exam of 50 questions in that same link that rastrauch posted.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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One question that I found interesting was:

# 27 324 Which of the following is NOT a true relational database? (Choose the best answer)
A. SQL Server
B. Access
C. Oracle
D. PostgreSQL

The answer in the key is B.

More about this:

Access isn’t a relational database • The Register 

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Is there any specific conditions or a minimum requirement to be fulfilled before one can appear for the GISP certification?

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It appears the current process is to start the application process and pay the fees, but there does not appear to be requirements beyond that to be eligible to take the exam itself.  According to the diagram posted, the portfolio review is concurrent with the exam and there is a 6 year window to complete all the requirements.

GISCI > Applicants > Application Information 

However, I would review the full process on the GISCI site to be sure, as I may have missed something (as an existing GISP I don't have access to the first-time applicant process login, which may contain more information).

Some relevant GISCI links:

GISCI 2017 Fall Exam Application Period Continues 

Exam info for candidate 

If you have any uncertainties after reviewing the posted info on the GISCI site, I would contact GISCI with any questions.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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There's a nice study guide available publicly on Google Drive:

GISP Knowledge Condensed - Public - Google Docs 

I can also shoot you a zipfile of my study guide if you are interested in. It's got better organization than the one linked to above, in my humble opinion. The bottom line is that the material is dense and it really helps to dig in yourself, outline, research, and study. You can do it!


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Hello Micah,

I am scheduled for GIPS exam this summer. Will really appreciate if can get your study guide. It will help me as a starting reference for my own study guide.

Thanks and Regards,



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