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Stay Updated: List of August 2023 - Technical highlights & Resources from Esri

09-18-2023 02:34 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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Esri consistently releases new contents, updates, and resources related to their products, solutions, apps, and applications, as well as best practices, success stories, recorded webinars, and more. Although these resources are posted in various locations, they can be difficult to find.

This blog provides a comprehensive list of all the August 2023 technical highlights and resources from Esri. It is a buffet-style list, so feel free to pick and choose the topics that interest you.

Products, Solutions & Apps

  • What’s New in ArcGIS Image Dedicated (August 2023) here
  • What’s new in ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 (August 2023) here
  • What’s New in ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Engine 1.2 here
  • What’s new in ArcGIS Insights 2023.2 here
  • What’s New in ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud 3.5 (August 2023) here
  • What’s new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (August 2023) here
  • What’s new in 3D for ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps 200.2? here
  • What’s new in ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps 200.2 here
  • What’s new in ArcGIS Survey123 August 2023 here

Patches & Environment

  • ArcGIS Server 11.1 Print Service Patch here
  • WAI-111-P-963 ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS) 11.1 Reliability Update 2 Patch here
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 on Kubernetes Q3 2023 Security Update here
  • ArcGIS Server Map and Feature Service Security 2023 Update 1 Patch here
  • ArcGIS Pro 3.1 Patch 3 (3.1.3) in app and from MyEsri here
  • Deprecation: Shapefile Network Dataset Deprecation Notice here
  • Action Required: ArcGIS Online SAML Customers here
  • The ArcGIS Server Map and Feature Service Security 2023 Update 1 Patch is now available here
  • My Esri Release - August 24th, 2023 here


Other Topics

High Level

  • JLL Delivers Location Intelligence to Thousands of Employees here
  • How Fannie Mae Studies Climate Impact on US Housing here
  • Inside the New Tools of the Hybrid Workforce here
  • WhereNext Confidential: Business Leaders Discuss Paths to Growth here
  • Measuring AI Exposure by Job, Geography here
  • Uncovering Possibility: The Keys to Making Cities More Resilient here
  • Inside One of Europe’s Largest Sustainable Transportation Projects here
  • How San Francisco International Airport Achieved Next-Level Modernization here
  • Saving Canada’s Peatlands to Help Stabilize the Climate here
  • Can a Historic Hawaii Community Modernize without Losing What Makes It Unique? here
  • Mapping Makes an Impact in the Fight to Reduce Child Exploitation here
  • Indigenous Knowledge, Captured on Maps, Aims to Protect Congo Basin Diversity here
  • Mapping LA’s Flood Risk at Unprecedented Detail Reveals Hidden Risks here
  • Los Angeles County Maps Equitable Access to Nature, Remediates Degraded Lands here
  • Your Questions Answered – Strategy here
  • Which App Builder Do I Choose? here
  • ArcGIS for Microsoft Planetary Computer - FAQ here
  • Assess wildfire damage in ArcGIS Online - Part 2 (Host multidimensional imagery layer) here
  • Five Considerations When Implementing an Enterprise Imagery Solution here
ArcGIS AllSource
  • Getting Started with Movement Analysis Tools in ArcGIS AllSource here
  • Investigating a Multistate Criminal Network with ArcGIS AllSource here
ArcGIS Business Analyst
  • Examine data accuracy in ArcGIS Business Analyst using ACS reliability estimates here
  • How to collaborate across license levels in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App here
ArcGIS Experience Builder
  • Every way to switch pages in ArcGIS Experience Builder here
  • Explore the outdoors with the Elevation Profile widget here
  • New high-performance synchronized maps in ArcGIS Experience Builder here
ArcGIS Field Maps
  • Collect data in Field Maps here
  • Common calculated expressions for ArcGIS Field Maps here
  • Create Intuitive Field Workflows with ArcGIS Field Maps and Arcade Webinar Q&A here
  • Get to know ArcGIS Field Maps here
  • Maps on mobile devices here
  • How to: Sideload Field Maps on Windows 11 here
ArcGIS for Excel
  • Add and Edit ArcGIS Layer Attribute Data in an Excel Worksheet here
ArcGIS for Microsoft 365
  • S’more GIS: Bringing Your GIS to Your Users here
ArcGIS for Power Automate
  • Spatially-enabling Business Cards here
ArcGIS for PowerBI
  • ArcGIS for Power BI – 2023 Esri User Conference FAQ here
  • Using User-specified Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS GeoBIM Projects here
ArcGIS Hub
  • Your ArcGIS Hub Site Metrics. In Your Inbox. here
ArcGIS Insights
  • Understanding Chart Sorting in ArcGIS Insights here
ArcGIS Instant Apps
  • Using the 3D Viewer Instant App to Visualize Time-Enabled Data here
ArcGIS Knowledge
  • State Health Agency Modernizes their Disease Surveillance Program here
  • Tackling Healthcare Network Accessibility with ArcGIS Knowledge here
ArcGIS Living Atlas
  • Empowering Utilities with ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World here
  • New Updates for Wildfire Aware here
ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET
  • Migrating your legacy .NET SketchEditor code to the new GeometryEditor here
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java
  • How to use the Java Maps SDK in a Raspberry Pi weather station here
  • Using JavaFX Properties with the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java here
ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript
  • Visualizing Air Quality with Animated Symbols here
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt
  • QML API Deprecation and Roadmap here
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity
  • Announcing ArcGIS Maps SDK 1.3 for Unity here
ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine
  • Announcing ArcGIS Maps SDK 1.3 for Unreal Engine here
ArcGIS Monitor
  • ArcGIS Monitor 2023.2 Now Available!! here
ArcGIS Online
  • A hug for group layers: show only one layer at a time with exclusive visibility here
  • ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise? You don’t have to choose. here
  • Learn How to Use the Find by Attributes and Location Tool in Map Viewer here
  • Map in a minute: Create a rotating globe using ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Living Atlas here
  • Map in a minute: Map sea temperature and coral bleaching using ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Living Atlas here
  • Streamline your electric vehicle travel planning with Generate Travel Areas here
  • Tips and Tricks for Selecting Subsets of Data for Analysis in Map Viewer here
ArcGIS Platform
  • The Basemap Styles Service v2 is Now Released here
ArcGIS Pro
  • Deprecation of Support for Shapefile Network Datasets here
  • Getting started with SAR satellite imagery here
  • How to import contingent values into a feature class here
  • How to make features illuminate an underlying basemap here
  • How to make this animated map of blue whale migration here
  • Internship experience with the Spatial Analyst Team at Esri in Summer 2023 here
  • Migrating Data: Tools to migrate a personal geodatabase to a file or mobile geodatabase here
  • Reimagining a classic Cheysson thematic map here
ArcGIS StoryMaps
  • Introducing Briefings: Elevate Your Presentations with Briefings in ArcGIS StoryMaps here
  • Allow duplication: a modest little checkbox, a world of potential here
  • Are you a 2023 Storyteller of the Year? Get tips for building a winning story here
  • Creating a 3D Race Report with ArcGIS StoryMaps here
  • Key Takeaways from ArcGIS StoryMaps at the 2023 Esri User Conference here
  • Mapping packed circles here
ArcGIS Survey123
  • 2023 Esri User Conference: ArcGIS Survey123 Team’s Top Picks here
  • Get started with Survey123 reports here
  • Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Leveraging ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World here
ArcGIS Utility Network
  • Exploring the ArcGIS Utility Network Trace Framework here
  • Offline Utility Networks in ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps: Part 3 here
ArcGIS Workflow Manager
  • Introducing ArcGIS Workflow Manager in ArcGIS Online here
  • Resources for ArcGIS Workflow Manager here
  • Using the Feature Service Webhook Extract Changes Option in ArcGIS Workflow Manager here


Training & Webcasts

New training courses here

  • Analysis in ArcGIS Online Training Seminar here
  • Deploying ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes Instructor Led here
  • 2 web courses updated for ArcGIS Pro, 2 videos


Upcoming Webinars here

  • Digitizing Health-Care Operations: Streamlining with ArcGIS Indoors 8/29 10-11 AM PT here
  • Safety Management Systems for Airports 9/5 10-11 AM PT here
  • Leveraging ESRI GIS Imagery Workflows for Pipeline Operations: From Capture to AI-driven Insights 9/6 9-10 AM PT here
  • Enhancing Safety Operations with GIS 9/12 10-11 AM PT here
  • Sampling and Environmental Attribution 9/13 7-8 AM PT here
  • Optimizing Operations & Maintenance: Harnessing the Power of GeoAI 9/14 8-9 AM PT here
  • Streamlining Regulatory Workflows for More Resilient Communities 9/21 10-11 AM PT here
  • Mapping the Energy Movement Webinar Series III 9/26 9-10 AM PT here
  • Improving Response Coordination and Situational Overview with GIS and UAVs 9/26 11 AM -12 PM PT here

Recorded Webinars

  • 2023 Esri User Conference | Technical Workshops here
  • 2023 Esri Developer Summit here
  • What’s New in ArcGIS Urban (June 2023) here
  • Parcel Management for Surveyors here
  • What’s New in Business Analysts Products and Data: August 2023 here
  • ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School & Middle School Students 2023 Results here
  • ArcGIS Maps SDK for Javascript: Best Practices for Building Apps here
  • Leveraging GIS for Multi-agency Response to Significant Incidents here
  • Trinidad and Tobago First Valuation Roll, Supported by ArcGIS (Meetup) here
  • 2023 Summer Updates here
  • Managing Right-of-Way Acquisition with GIS here

Events & Community – also see here

  • 2023 Infrastructure Management GIS Conference - Palm Springs, CA - 10/10 here
  • 2023 European Developer Summit - Berlin, Germany - 11/14 here
About the Author
Canserina Kurnia is a GIS professional with over 20 years of experience. She currently holds the position as a Senior Solution Engineer at Esri, at their headquarter office in Redlands, California. Her main role is to provide technical advices and assistance to universities globally, in advancing their GIS technology for teaching and research.