Utility Network District heating data model localization using aliases

11-19-2021 02:45 AM
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Hi there,

We are in the design phase of setting up the District Heating Utility Network platform and we will use a ready-made data model that meets our needs perfectly. We want to localize the district heating data model to the Finnish language using aliases. What is the best way to implement localization?

And is there anything to consider when using the Finnish aliases when the DHC data model is updated or the UN platform is updated to version 10.91 in the future, for example?

We have installed the DHC data model as well as the sample data and symbols on the UN POC platform running version 10.81.

Thanks for the tips.

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The same process I outlined for Water can be used for the District Energy Asset Package you downloaded from the POC page. (Adding Rename table process)

The POC data model was the foundation for the newly released District Energy UN Foundation solution. Minor updates were made to the sample data as well as which fields are visible for each Asset Group in each of the feature classes. 

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I believe that we will be able to use the Finnish aliases for the UN District Heating data model in the Modification Tables workflow you have described.

The great news is that District Heating became part of the Utility Network solution. District Energy Data Management can be used to map district heating and cooling assets, edit data, view system maps in the field and office, view asset reports, and collaborate with map notes.

We will next upgrade our ArcGIS Enterprise UN platform from 10.81 to 10.91 to introduce the new DHC solution and data model in the POC environment as well.

Thanks a lot for the tips.

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