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Virtual Devsummit, is there a way to "favorite" a session like with the old Esri Events App

03-31-2021 12:24 PM
Occasional Contributor

Is there a way to favorite a session so I can make myself a prioritized list of what I want to watch/attend?  I know I used to be able to do so with the old Esri Events app on my phone but that doesn't seem like it has been updated since last devsummit.

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Esri Community Manager

Hello,  In this virtual platform there isn't really a favorite option but you can add sessions to your calendar with a button located on the session listing page.



Michelle Mathias
Manager, Community Experience & Programs
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New Contributor

I was wonder the same Michelle. I’ve favorited a lot of sessions on the desktop site but the app is showing I have not favorited any. Is this a bug?

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