Continuing Your 2021 Esri Developer Summit Experience in Esri Community

04-07-2021 08:56 AM
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In addition to exciting demos and informational sessions, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Esri staff and other developers in DevSummit and Esri Community after the summit.


What You Can Do During the 2021 Esri Developer Summit


Ask Our Experts

Hop in a chat room with Esri teams to ask your product or community questions. Several teams, including Esri Professional Services, Field Apps, and Runtime SDKs, are all gathered in the Ask Our Experts showcase. Ask Our Experts is an online chat that can be found in the top navigation bar of the DevSummit online platform.

  • Esri Community has a featured room in Ask Our Experts. Stop by for any questions regarding your account or to say hello to the Esri Community team! Learn More


Shop for Books and Merch, Download Free Swag


See Esri Press Books’ latest blog about book specials happening in the Esri Merch Store and purchase merch to represent your love for all things geography. Click the drop-down for Store to browse available products in DevSummit’s online platform. It’s never too late to have Jack hang around in your digital background. Download some digital swag for your virtual working experience. Click Digital Swag Bag under Resources in the footer of the online platform.


Continue Your DevSummit Experience in Esri Community

Missed an opportunity to connect with an Esri team or other geo-developers? Join Esri Community to keep the conversation going. Click Sign In in the top navigation bar to create an account with your ArcGIS Online account.

Select an Avatar from our new Avatar Collection for Developers

Check out our new avatar collection to choose from to match with your virtual backgrounds from the Digital Swag Bag in the DevSummit platform! To view our avatars, click your Avatar in the top navigation bar for Esri Community and click My settings in the drop-down menu.




Subscribe to a developer place

Find a developer place you’re interested in by clicking All Communities  > Developers  and selecting one of the quick links to popular developer places. If you don’t see one in the quick links provided, click All Developer Communities to see more options.

Click the Subscribe button to follow discussion boards in your preferred developer place. Learn more about managing your settings.




Vote on an Idea or Post a New Idea for ArcGIS Products

Esri Community hosts ArcGIS Ideas, where everyday users of ArcGIS products submit and vote on each other’s ideas to push the innovation of Esri products. Navigate to an Idea exchange board for a place in Esri Community such as ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Enterprise, and browse the latest ideas available to vote on an idea. Read more about engaging with ArcGIS Ideas.



Ask a question or share your code


Navigate to a developer or product place’s question board and click Create A Post.  Read about how to ask a good question that will generate responses and post your code by selecting Insert Code from the editorial bar. Engage the community to provide feedback or help you solve a problem.





Share Your Knowledge, Be Recognized

Our Esri Community contest recognizes members who help other Esri Community members by answering questions and earning Accepted Solutions that help ArcGIS users with their work. Learn more about our 2021 Esri Community Contest.