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2021 Esri Developer Summit: Day 3 Plenary Recap

04-09-2021 10:00 AM
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The last day of DevSummit took a deeper look into extending and automating enterprise software with ArcGIS SDKs and ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes.

Before the overview of SDKs and ArcGIS Enterprise, Jim McKinney gave an update on Esri's support for ArcObjects and ArcMap, which you can learn more about on the ArcMap Continued Support page and the Product Life Cycle page.

Based on the support timeline provided, it's encouraged to learn more about our ArcGIS Pro SDK, Runtime SDKs, and ArcGIS Enterprise SDK to continue your enterprise's work with ArcGIS.




Over the past year, ArcGIS Pro SDK has had several enhancements, including new APIs for device location, Parcel Fabric, and voxel layers. Charles MacLeod walks through these enhancements in his demo.

Watch Opening Segment and Demo





Extending and Automating Your Enterprise

Jay Theodore explained how to use ArcGIS for extending and automating your enterprise. For extending your enterprise, ArcGIS Enterprise can support integration, service extension, and model infusion. Integration can be implemented with Portal for ArcGIS, while extension and infusion can be done with ArcGIS Server.

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Daniel Thibault demoed how custom server object interceptors (SOI) can be used for collaboration between multiple editors. Daniel showed the perspective of two different users executing two different tasks on the same project and how one user is notified about the other user's changes. For more information about ArcGIS Enterprise SDK, start with the Guide from the Developers site.

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For automation, whether its workflows, collaborations, or operations (processes), ArcGIS API for Python can support your needs. Rhea Jackson used ArcGIS Notebooks to show the code for automating a workflow for coastline extraction using imagery and band ratio technique. After creating the code, Rhea scheduled the code to run automatically using the Create Task feature.  Watch Demo



Collaboration Architecture



Indhu Kumar showed how a Public Works Department and a Department of Water and Power could create a collaboration solution that allows for editing datasets, sharing layers, and more. The enterprise portals were set up with a distributed collaboration that syncs once every hour in a bidirectional matter. Indhu performs a couple of tasks to show how this works from the perspectives of both departments. Watch Demo




Automating operations such as curating content, performing the quality assurance and quality control process, and moving the content to production can be executed through groups. This automation is built with content managers and DevOps engineers in mind. In a demo, Bill Major showed how to use automation to move content changes from development to staging using ArcGIS API for Python.

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Jay Theodore concluded the automation focus with more ways you can automate operations using Chef with ArcGIS Cookbooks. ArcGIS Cookbooks includes architecture templates and recipes that can automate the deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Notebook Server, ArcGIS Mission Server, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS License Manager, and ArcGIS Insights. You can access the templates and recipes through Chef Supermarket and Github.



ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes: Deploy, Configure, Use


Provisioning a Kubernetes cluster is the first step to begin the process of using ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes so that you can start deploying, configuring, and using ArcGIS Enterprise in the cloud. In a brief demo, Markus Walker shows how you run the script for deployment and configuration between a terminal and Lens, The Kubernetes Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

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Presenter at Esri DevSummitPresenter at Esri DevSummitIn the plenary's final demo, Shreyas Shinde shows how you can patch and upgrade software and scale the system for use. ArcGIS Enterprise Manager is an application in ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes that allows you to monitor and manage deployments. In a few clicks, Shreyas applied a couple of new updates and showed the code for steps behind applying a new software release, including notifying users in the enterprise about the software update and running a diagnostic test.



In part two of this demo, Shreyas monitors the usage of GIS services with Grafana and configures the settings with ArcGIS Enterprise Manager. ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes will be released as a part of the ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 release.  Watch Demo


2021 DevSummit attendees can access the event platform to watch sessions and the plenary until May 8, 2021. When the event platform closes, you can find 2021 DevSummit sessions online in the Esri Events YouTube channel.

Thank you for attending the 2021 DevSummit online with us this year! Your experience doesn't have to end with the platform. See our blog for how you can continue to learn more about products and developer solutions and collaborate with other developers in Esri Community: Continuing Your 2021 Esri Developer Summit Experience in Esri Community.


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