Visualize Vector Tile API (PDOK) with Ozon API (DSO) in ArcGIS Portal

06-14-2022 09:10 AM
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Hi all,

Also submitted these questions to Esri, but we are hoping people here know more on how to approach this:

We want to add several layers that are available through Ozon API's (Digitaal Stelsel Omgevingswet) to our ArcGIS Portal.
According to Ozon the omgevingsdocumenten Vector Tile API (WMTS) from PDOK can somehow (on the fly?) be combined with the Verbeelden API from Ozon that contains a MapBox Style sheet with the Vector Tile style defintion for visualization.

and specifically this functional documentation

How can we implement this in ArcGIS Portal? Is there an out of the box solution to integrate a Vector Tile WMTS api this way to visualize its layers in ArcGIS portal or is it required to develop something?
If development is required how do you approach this? Is it needed to use MapBox GL JS or Openlayers, which has a MapBox plugin (this is what the DSO viewer 'Regels op de kaart' from Kadaster is using.) ?
Or possibly a whole other API. Which esri API's support this?

Can the above option (out of the box or development) be integrated in an existing WebApp builder app or an existing Experience builder app? What is required to integrate these layers from Ozon/DSO in a webmap/web application?

Second question:
Can we spatially interact with the Vector Tile API (WMTS) from PDOK?
Can a geoprocessing service (a spatial intersect) be made on such a Vector Tile?

Vector Tile API endpoints from pdok are:


Anyone has suggestions on how to handle these API's from Ozon/DSO?

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