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Using comReleaser As ComReleaser. The path could not be found

04-02-2018 06:10 AM
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Hello everyone,

This is my current configuration:

ArcGIS 10.4

VS 2015

I am trying to run a SQL Query inside a Console Application to find records that are duplicated.

The application fails with this error message: The path  could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030003 (STG_E_PATHNOTFOUND))

When it reaches this line: Using comReleaser As ComReleaser = New ComReleaser()

Dim queryBuilder As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder()

queryBuilder.Append("SELECT CONTENTID, COUNT(CONTENTID) AS Counter ")

queryBuilder.Append("FROM table ")

queryBuilder.Append("GROUP BY CONTENTID ")

queryBuilder.Append("HAVING(COUNT(CONTENTID) > 1) ")

queryBuilder.Append("ORDER BY Counter DESC")

Dim query As String = queryBuilder.ToString()


Using comReleaser As ComReleaser = New ComReleaser()

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Finally I used Select by Attribute following this link to select all the duplicated records, and export the  in a new FC.

This is the code:

Dim pMakeFetureLayerSelectByAttributes As MakeFeatureLayer

pMakeFetureLayerSelectByAttributes = New MakeFeatureLayer()


' Set the OverwriteOutput setting to True

GP.OverwriteOutput = True

' Process: Make Feature Layer...

pMakeFetureLayerSelectByAttributes.in_features = pFeatureClass

pMakeFetureLayerSelectByAttributes.out_layer = "Duplicates_Layer"

pMakeFetureLayerSelectByAttributes.field_info = "  ......   "


RunTool(GP, pMakeFetureLayerSelectByAttributes, Nothing)

Dim pSelectByAttribute As SelectLayerByAttribute

pSelectByAttribute = New SelectLayerByAttribute()

pSelectByAttribute.in_layer_or_view = "Duplicates_Layer"

pSelectByAttribute.selection_type = "NEW_SELECTION"

pSelectByAttribute.where_clause = "CONTENTID In (SELECT [CONTENTID] FROM [mytable] GROUP BY [CONTENTID] HAVING Count(*)>1 )"

RunTool(GP, pSelectByAttribute, Nothing)

Dim pCopyFeatures As CopyFeatures

pCopyFeatures = New CopyFeatures()

pCopyFeatures.in_features = "Duplicates_Layer"

pCopyFeatures.out_feature_class = pfeatureDuplicate

RunTool(GP, pCopyFeatures, Nothing)

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