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The input points are not within the data coverage area - Using the location api for time travel in south africa

07-25-2020 08:57 AM
New Contributor

I am using the Get a route and directions | ArcGIS for Developers api for two coordinates in South Africa. The response indicates that South Africa may not be covered. The actual response is below. Please advise 

    "error": {
        "message""Unable to complete operation.",
        "details": [
            "The input points are not within the data coverage area."
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Hi Sumilan Govinden,

Esri offers global coverage with Routing and Directions with ArcGIS and I would be very surprised if South Africa would not be covered.

So, the other scenario is: your input is incorrect. Let's try to fix the input for your route stops to get your request running.

Following the steps on this page with the Los Angeles example (Get a route and directions | ArcGIS for Developers), can you please make sure the "geometry" of your route stops is correct?

Please note: you first have to provide x (longitude) and then y (latitude), so maybe just switching your input coordinates might already do the trick. And make sure to set the correct "spatialReference". (If you are providing your coordinates in WGS84, then 4326 will do.)

Please let us, the GeoNet community, know whether you managed to solve your issue or not.



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