Run (pgadmin) SQL queries and view them in ArcGIS Pro.

04-22-2020 05:56 AM
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Hello, I am doing data aggregation using Postgresql (pgadmin). I just finished the query and my results look good. However, I can't see my results from ArcGIS Pro. So, how should I proceed to register my results so I can see from ArcGIS Pro?

Geo Developers, any tips would be appreciated!


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Hi Jules Mupenzi Karasira! Have you tried the following? If not, could you try and let us know if it works for you?

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You know about ArcGIS Query Layers?

You can either create a (materialized) database view, if the aggregation is heavy to execute, and add the resulting view as Query Layer, or add the SQL defining the aggregation directly as the Query Layer definition. Just make sure you have unique identifier in the result as well, as that is required for a spatial layer. If you create a table instead of view of the aggregation results, you can use the Add Incrementing ID Field—Data Management toolbox | Documentation tool to add such field.

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