REST, license, GeoCoding and tokens

04-17-2015 03:18 AM
New Contributor

Hi i'm looking for the best way to implement this.

We have a site where customers registrates themselves.

In that process the customer provides their address and we get the coordinates for that address to be used later and stored in a database.

We are using alot of .NET code but I don't want to use the SDK (async issues) so we are going to use simple REST calls.

With the developer license are we allowed to use one developer account for use in our own web service that provide geolookup for several of our internal applications? And what is the recommendation with the tokens? They can have 14 days lifespan, should we setup a token refresh, let's every 12 days for a 14 days token lifespan?

It is only one central service that will make the REST calls to ArcGIS so no other system will know about the token or client ID.

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