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Regular expression in Batch Job manager

01-09-2015 12:13 AM
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On a copy of one of our Data ( .mxd )I created a new Product Library and set of validation statements in batch job manager. The statements are based on SQL but most of them have Regular Expression as well.  We have just loaded new version of ArcGIS (10.2.2) into the machine and loaded new Product Library and batch job. Everything works perfectly except one thing. When I open Reviewer Batch Job Manager to be able to update the rules I have to select Feature Classes and Feature codes and Regular Expression statements are not visible. I can easily update ones with SQL statements only, but the ones with Regular Expression do not show Regular Expression statements (SQL and notes – error messages are there).

At the same time everything works perfectly, so when I update any Feature Code and I try to put invalid attribution (invalid = not as stated in Regular Expression) the error message pops out.

I can update statements in Reviewer Bach Job Manager only when I open the original .mxd data (the one where I created them)

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