Pricing for new ArcGIS Developer Subscription -- suggest new option.

03-23-2017 09:15 AM
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I branched this from my comment on Pricing for new ArcGIS Developer Subscription?   I have tips there on how to interpret the current Pricing | ArcGIS for Developers  page (need to log in to developer account to see prices)

The new pricing structure for the Developer Subscription, vs the now-defunct Esri Developer Network description (EDN) is not a good fit for many mid-sized organizations (and others) that have a fairly well established GIS shop.  The new repackaging of items included in the annual subscription can triple the price for what is currently paid.  While adding adding some of the new developer products (eg AppStudio) is nice for some, the main item dropped is the Image Server development license (Image Server extension prior to 10.5). 

Other items that are added, like the Desktop license, are typically not going to be needed for organizations that have been working with GIS for a while,  and the Dev Summit Registration (for the top Developer Subscription), although nice, is not a mandatory item for those just needing to test and develop with Image Server.

I would like to suggest price similar to the current (or I guess it's the past EDN) price structure, with the option to choose what additional items you need.  For example, I don't need Desktop, CityEngine, or the Dev Summit Registration, but I do need Image Server. 

Bottom line, we can't afford 3x the price of the EDN subscription to get what was included, just to get items we don't need.  I understand that prices and structure may need to change with the times and inflation, but this change is pretty extreme for those of us that have been using EDN for years for testing and developing certain software, before deploying to our production machine/license. 

Another option?  Maybe include the Image Server in the new Developer Subscription cProfession is your organization already has a production license of the same....."grandfather" us in maybe?  Similar to how the concurrent licenses are being "Grandfathered" in?

These are just my thoughts and I'd like to see how others feel.  From the discussion, maybe I can simplify for an "Idea" that we can vote on.  I know Esri does listen, and hopefully will monitor this page.  For some of us and our budgets, the change is not an easy one to manage.



My comment from the other thread... 

If you log in to that page (with developer account) you should see the prices....mine shows the prices.  For additional specifics, you'll want to talk to your customer service rep and/or local distributor.  (personally, with all the new pricing changes, I think they are a bit swamped, so be patient).

I've had discussions with my customer rep because I was a little confused with how the chart was laid out...looks like two separate, unrelated tables...but follow down the column for relatde items...and what was announced at the Dev Summit.  I decided that what was announce there was correct, but since the "new terminology" wasn't really known, it was a bit confusing.

The closest option to price and products to the EDN subscription I have (until expiration) from what I understand is the Builder or Processional.  What I would gain is the "app Dev Tools" and a "Basic" (ArcView) Desktop license (which isn't needed since we have concurrent licenses already).  The main thing I will lose at this level is Image Server (formerly Image Server extension), which is a problem I am trying to work thru now. 

Note: To see what you actually get with each plan, click on the "Show details for 16 additional products" and to get details of what each of the items really means, hover on the "?".

To have the Image Server included, you would have to get the "Advanced"  level, which include that, plus an "Advanced" (ArcInfo) Desktop license and a registration for the Fed or Dev Summit.

Personally in our current situation, this model doesn't work well for our organization, but I'm hoping to get something to work for us for the next years until we can adapt. 

I've thought about posting an Idea or discussion regarding a suggestion to allow for a "smorgasbord" option for those that don't need Desktop or the Dev Summit registration, but do need Image Server.  I think you question is a good place to introduce that thought, and I will spin this off to get the discussion started. 

For use, the price difference between the current plan that does include Image Server and the new plan that includes this is almost 3x the cost.....and gives us the items we don't need.   Being able to pick and choose or swap the needed items for the unneeded items would be a much better system for us, and probably for many other mid-sized organizations (i.e. not Federal government). 

btw - If/when I become a sole proprietor, I could see the Advacnced level being nice, especially if I was just starting out....everything in one package..  But for long established organizations without an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA), this is not a good fit.  (my opinion.)

EDIT: just to add to this, if you have a current EDN and your login to your myesri associated with that subscription, there is an option to "activate" the new process.  I haven't don't that yet for fear it will "break" my current dev access to Image Server.  just fyi

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