Parameters Need Repair just began for no reason

04-20-2015 08:31 AM
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We have a server DLL implemented with 10 GeoProcessing Services deployed.  The SD's were published a little while ago.  The DLL has been registered.  Everything has been running cleanly for the past month or two in preparation for production deployment next week.

We had on minor change that we pushed out to the server and ever since then we have not been able to run the services.  ArcMap testing is equally weird.

In Arcmap I connect to the remote GeoProcessing Server.

I pull up one of our services and the window WITH PARAMETERS shows.  This is usually an indicator to us that all is good!

I populate the parameters with values and then click the button to execute it.

It churns for a few seconds, places a call to the server, then fails with parameters need repair once again.

Stranger yet is the fact that with the local version I'm trying to get running to recreate the SD files my services won't run at all.  No dialog with populated parameters and their types.  This is an indicator that the local instace cannot see the database.  Yet if we use Sql Server Manager I can see the server without a problem.

I'm hoping someone else has experienced this and can tell me just what to do to get around this.  I've been dead in the water now for four days!


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