Offline time-enabled WMS

04-26-2021 04:21 AM
New Contributor

Hi there,

I'm investigating the feasability of taking time-enabled WMS services (WMS-T) offline. Something akin to what this QGIS tool seems to do

I'd need the result to be in a format that could be loaded my ArcMap/Arc Pro, but no requirements for a specific format - perhaps a Geodatabase or Geopackage?

I forsee the process being something like:
1. Query WMS, make multiple request to pull tiles for a specific area at various zoom levels and times
2. Save these images to disk, in an Esri-friendly format
3. Open the resulting file in ArcMap/Pro

Are there any ESRI SDKs that would allow me to do this, in any language? Or, is it possible to do through the GUI in either ArcPro or ArcMap clients by default?


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