NoData Value in RasterCatalog

01-22-2015 07:42 AM
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we are developing a tool with ArcObjects 10.3 for .NET.

My problem is that I can't get the NoData Value of a raster stored in a RasterCatalog. In the IRasterProps of RasterCatalogItem.GetDataset().CreateFullRaster() the NoDataValue is always null, both for the raster and for the individual bands.

In ArcCatalog in the data properties there is nothing set for NoDataValue(empty).

However ArcMap is able to recognize the correct NoData Value, the transparent at the correct place and the PixelInfo tool shows "NoData". Is there any other way to get the NoDataValue of a raster within a RasterCatalog other than via IRasterProps of the raster or the bands?

My only solution so far is to export the raster to file, reopen it and use it from there, but that can’t be it

Please help.

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