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Move Representation marker symbol in ArcObjects (C#.Net)

04-29-2018 09:09 PM
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I am working on representation movement tool. In my project I want to move representation symbol (Only move representation symbol not feature geometry) within 15 feet from 3 way or 4 way junction. I got representation feature but I have searched option for representation moment in Arc Objects C#.Net. Please help me for my problem.


IRepresentation Interface (

After Getting Representation feature:


IFeatureLayer sysVal_layer = new FeatureLayerClass();

sysVal_layer.FeatureClass = SystemValve;

double scale = 9600;                                  

IMapContext pMapCText = new MapContextClass();

IGeoFeatureLayer pGFlayer = sysVal_layer as IGeoFeatureLayer;

IGeoDataset pgeodSet = sysVal_layer as IGeoDataset;

pMapCText.Init(pgeodSet.SpatialReference, scale, pgeodSet.Extent);

if (cnt == 1)


if (pGFlayer.Renderer is IRepresentationRenderer)


                                           //Get Representation from feature.

IRepresentationRenderer prepReder = pGFlayer.Renderer as IRepresentationRenderer;

IRepresentationClass pRepCl = prepReder.RepresentationClass;

IRepresentation RepreFeature = pRepCl.GetRepresentation(valveF, pMapCText);

if (RepreFeature.Shape.GeometryType == esriGeometryType.esriGeometryPoint)


       IGraphicAttributes graphicAtt = pRepCl.GraphicAttributes as IGraphicAttributes;

       int RuleID = RepreFeature.RuleID;

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