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10-24-2017 01:01 PM
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I'm generating a match table in order to add attachments to features in ArcGIS for Desktop. The feature has an ID such as '1_2', '1_23', '4_5', '4_50', '4_56'. The files are named '1_2_1.jpg' and '1_2_2.jpg' (for feature '1_2'), '4_5_1.jpg' and '4_5_2.jpg' (for feature '4_5'), '4_50_1.jpg' '4_50_2.jpg' 4_50_3.jpg' (for feature '4_50'), etc. The index after the underscore indicates multiple attachments for the same feature.

The match table is generated, and the attachments attach, but I have a remaining issue: The feature '4_5' also receives matches for files '4_50_1.jpg', etc due it's closely matching name. Is there any way to avoid this without renaming the files? If I do need to rename, what is the best practice in order to avoid this issue?

Is this related to this bug : NIM086928: Records are duplicated in the output match table wit.. ?

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This problem with the generate attachment match table tool persists at ArcGIS Pro 2.3.1.

The tool behaves as if a match is positive where the first few characters are identical. For example, a set of attachments (Document_1.pdf, Document_1A.pdf, Document_1B.pdf, Document_1C.pdf), would result in 3 false positive matches for the key, Document_1.

Hopefully this will be addressed, as this type of error renders the tool useless.

One correction is mentioned here.

Another correction would be to:

1. Add a field (MatchKey) to the resulting match table.

2. Calculate the file name of the attachment (less the extension).

3. Join the field in your feature class you originally used as your key to the MatchKey field.

4. Use the join to sort and delete the false positives (or select and export the true matches). 

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