Java application to register data in Oracle SDE db

06-18-2018 12:12 AM
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Hi all!

I'm new here, thanks for letting me join the community.
So putting my noobness on the line here, I will risk asking a question that has probably been answered before, but I was unable to word my searches right to get the answer I was looking for...

We're building a web-based registration solution, where I'm tasked with building the backend, a REST Java Spring API.

I need read and write versioned, spatial data (among other things) in an Oracle database with SDE, the company is running ArcGIS.

I've looked at the SDK for Java, it seems to have the tings I need, plus a whole lot more. Also, I've perused the documentation for stored procedures, which seems the more direct approach, where I can do a lot of the queries myself. Also, we will probably use ORM for data access.

Now, the database guy at the company recommends we don't use the SDK, his reason being that it depends, among other things, on JNI on the server. I've looked over the requirements for the current version (100.2.1, here: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java (latest) | ArcGIS for Developers  ) but from what I can see, JNI is (no longer?) a requirement.

I want to map out my options; for an application that needs to store data with geometries (points, lines, polygons), should I go for stored procedures, or should we take a dependency on the SDK?

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