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Include ArcPy into a container based data pipline

04-19-2023 03:25 AM
New Contributor

Hi all,
Our team is currently working on a project that involves a data pipeline for processing a variety of different data and data sources. The data pipeline should run in a container environment like Docker for scalability reasons. Some of the tasks also require advanced geoprocessing. For this, we want to use ArcPy or another Esri component (like ArcGIS Notebooks or Geoprocessing Services), but the preferred way would be to use ArcPy directly within the container. I found out that integration is possible via conda. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use conda for licensing reasons.

Is there a way to integrate ArcPy into a container or access other Esri components from inside the container with a REST API or such?  For this we can use our ArcGIS Enterprise License.

Best regards


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