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How to remove scene rotation?

08-14-2023 06:59 AM
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I am developing a java application for the rotation of an spasecraft satellite of the Earth - and displaying the results of calculations on 2d and 3d maps in arcgis. Now I have the code and it rotates the observer's view at the poles. As a result, my 3d model of the spacecraft at the north and south poles turns 360 degrees - along with the 3d model, the viewports also unfold. I make pitch, roll and yaw = 0. I noticed that if the law of rotation of the orbital coordinate system relative to the inertial coordinate system is transmitted by yaw, then if these yaw values are taken away at each rendering step, this animation (scene rotation) is compensated by these angle values. But I don’t want to solve the problem this way, since my spacecraft should not spin at all - and this does not solve the problem of turning the visibility zones (viewFromLocation) of the spacecraft cameras.

What can I do to turn off the earth animation?

I have code:


Point cameraLocation = new Point(point.getX() ,point.getY(), point.getZ(), SpatialReferences.getWgs84()); 

Camera Cam = new Camera(cameraLocation, 0, 0, 0);

orbitCameraController = new OrbitGeoElementCameraController(satelliteGraphic, point.getZ() + 10000000);



LocationViewshed viewFromLocation
= new LocationViewshed(point, 270 , angle1 , angle2, angle3, 0, point.getZ() + 200_000);



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