How to create a line break when concatenating text in ArcGIS online Arcade?

12-19-2016 02:07 PM
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When concatenating strings and attributes in ArcGIS online Arcade I would like to have the output in tow line.

In python it would be something like:

"Unit " + $feature.Unit + \n +$feature.Zone_

With the output looking like:


Unit 2


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Are there any updates on this? Will multiline labels be supported in ArcGIS Online? I've tested the Arcade syntax again, but it does not appear that is yet supported.


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I think you can customize by using Arcade expression for labels.

It's a workaround which I didn't test it yet but I believe it will help you.

Label features using Arcade expressions | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.25 


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YES!  Please make the Arcade new line functions work in ArcGIS Online! I have come across multiple occasions where it would be useful. It is especially frustrating when the "Test" in the editing window shows multiple lines only to have a single line display in the map.

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It would be really really lovely if this Arcade expression would be supported in AGOL. I just tried publishing labels I made in pro with it and it didn't work.

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Let's vote up on this, this would be extremely helpful functionality.

Please help us get some votes on this.

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I just gave this:


a try and it worked.

Now I am actually trying to get TextFormatting.NewLine  to not put everything on a new line.

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Did this work in the Web Map? I am not able to make it work. I think it works in collector and Arc Pro, however i am still waiting to see this working in Apps/Maps. It would be really great if we could get Esri to make this a reality.

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Hi Miralem Zeljo, this works in ArcGIS API 4.x related products - Support Multi-Line Labels Using Arcade in AGOL 

But, if you are using ArcGIS API 3.x apps (e.g. Operations Dashboard) - this functionality wouldn't work - as stated in the Arcade Documentation.

An interim solution would be to - pass a HTML tag for line breaks instead - <br />

For example:

   {expression/expr0} + "<br />" + {expression/expr1}

This will cause any 4.x - apps and maps to look horrible, but will do the trick for 3.x related products (only works with popups not labels).

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I'm still seeing this bug in ArcGIS Enterprise (portal) 10.7.1

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This worked for me in on-premise portal

Multi-line labels | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.14 

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