geodatabases administration

06-21-2016 06:26 AM
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Hi, Can I administrate geodatabases directely from sql server without using arcpy fonctions

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Hi Hanane,

Can you elaborate a little more, for example, what type of administration are you looking to perform?

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thanks for your collaboration,

I have a solution built as arcMap Adding, this solution use a multiuser geodatabase.

I would like to bring out this solution from ArcGIS platform. to release it from licence obligation.

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As asked for already, a specific example would allow people to give more in-depth responses.  If you think your code is worth something and don't want to disclose it, that is your call, but at least give a specific example of what your code is doing in terms of administration.

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thanks for your reply,

this time, i will try to explain better.

What i meant by administration all basic tasks used by the most part of applications:

- Create a new geodatabase based on a model (XML)

- Create users and roles

- load data to database

- visualize data (attribute data and if possible graphic data)

- update data ...

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There are some functions that you could perform from the SQL Server side, depending on the Geometry storage. But most of the enterprise geodatabase related functions will need some sort arcpy or ArcGIS Desktop component, as far as I know. Especially is you are using versioning within the enterprise geodatabase or other geodatabase functionality.

Geodatabase maintenance—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop  - For SQL Server

What is a geodatabase?—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS for Desktop  - Good explanation of a geodatabase.

GeodatabaseEnterprise GIS

--- George T.
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thanks for your response

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