Extract Raster by Mask Failing in 10.5.1

01-12-2018 12:48 PM
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I recently updated to ArcMap 10.5.1 and I am trying to run a simple Extract by Mask tool that extracted a piece of a grid raster using a circular Shape file.  I get an error that leads nowhere.  I seems like I've overlooked some setting.  I do have the Spatial Analyst extension selected.  I figured that's all one needed.  I've attached a screen shot of the output of running the tool. Does anyone have any idea of what I need to do? 

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All right, I got it.  After doing a bit more searching I found the answer tucked away in several other questions with similar or the same issue.  Seems the entire output location must be free of blanks.  The failure mode is a rather inelegant way of letting one know.  I added another check to my input textbox to make sure I don't forget and browse to a location that has an embedded blank. 

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also, when working with rasters, don't forget to put a *.tif file extension otherwise you will get an esri grid... they have a whole load of other rules you will have to deal with.

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The spaces in the path issue is a perennial issue with the raster engine especially on the output side, where ugly paths are not hidden safely behind the scenes as a property of a layer object. With features where the raster engine is not involved, the problems are less common, but I do not recommend tempting fate. Probably because I just usually have bad luck!