Export ArcGIS Database to be used in Hadoop

06-27-2018 06:18 AM
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Hi ,

Ok upfront , I'm new to ArcGIS and have not used the tool sets previously.


I currently have a requirement to load ArcGIS database that was given to us into hadoop.

And then use the ArcGIS hadoop extensions to query the shapefiles  

 So we received the databases and loaded ArcGIS Pro.

 I can see that I can export the feature class and dataset file types to shape files which can be loaded then into hadoop.

1. The File Geodatabase Tables I see can be exported to XML file types , does anyone know if this can also be queried by using the ArcGIS Hadoop extensions ?


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Hi Morne Thero‌,

The GIS Tools for Hadoop will help you complete this workflow. Here is an overview page: GIS Tools for Hadoop by Esri. In particular, you can use the Geoprocessing Tools for Hadoop ("The Connector") in the link above. These tools move data between Hadoop and a feature class (in ArcMap). The readme file on the wiki outlines the instructions on how to use the tools, and there is also a tutorial on how to run them.

If you have any issues while running the tools, I would recommend creating an issue in the github repository. 

Hope that helps!


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