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Display a web map

07-13-2022 03:58 AM
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I need help regarding a couple of different things , related to the Display a web map tutorial-



Can someone please verify if the tutorial for displaying a web map is appropriate?



I am following this tutorial for Qt C++.

In the section - Initialize the map using a web map

Step 2 of the tutorial instructs to remove the following line:

m_map(new Map(BasemapStyle::ArcGISTopographic, this))

However,  if you expand the Display_a_map.cpp code snippet in the Step 3 of the tutorial, this line has not actually been removed.



I have created my own web map with the Map Viewer application.

A screenshot from my account:


I am trying to display this web map using the tutorial.

The only thing I changed in the code of the tutorial was the item_id in Step 3 of the section - Initialize the map using a web map.

When I build and run the code, the window in which the map is displayed is empty. This can be seen in the screenshot below:


However, immediately after this if I check my account again, the View Count for this map has increased.


Can someone please help me out in debugging the issue? Please find a minimal example attached in the .zip file, although I am not sure if the map can be accessed without my API Key.




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