Create/update administrative feature classes (Suburb, County) from ESRI Parcel Fabric

09-12-2021 07:26 PM
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What ESRI tools/api-s are available to create/update administrative feature classes (Suburb, County) from ESRI Parcel Fabric?


We have an ESRI Parcel Fabric that contains continuous coverage: Lots, Water features, Roads etc

Can we have administrative polygons generated/updated as result of geometry change in, for example, Lots?

Does ESRI have it built-in in a ESRI Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro?

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Hello Mark,

Esri hasa comprehsive set of tools for performing spatial aignment and adjustment with the underlying cadastre and related feature laryer in ArcGIS Pro. In fact the adjustment engine is DynAdjust out of DELWP Victoria. This toolset allows you to insert new cadastre/lots, in th eparcel fabric, spatially inprove the parcel layer based on the new surveyed data and then adjust the related administrative datasets as you describe.

 The following help page on least square adjustment   is a good place to start.



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