Copy FileGdb to Runtime Gdb

07-28-2017 01:49 AM
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There is a Python tool to copy a Runtime geodatabase to a File geodatabase.

   arcpy.CopyRuntimeGdbToFileGdb_conversion.geodatabase file,  .gdb folder)

Is there any similar easy way to do the opposite : copy a file geodatabase to a Runtime geodatabase ?

At this moment, we need to use ArcMap, load the geodatabase (or the relevant tables) on a map, execute 'Share As ... ArcGIS Runtime content'.In ArcGIS Pro I cannot find a similar functionality, let alone in any Python module.

Does anyone have an idea if there is an easy way (via script or code), or is there any future plan for this ?

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I wish to go one step further in that I wish to create multiple runtime.geodatabases and because the data comes from the same  geodatabase (with different data within) they are named identically. i.e. core.geodatabase , the point being is that these need to be exported to run in an offline sense and all need to reside in the same folder on the mobile device. to put all the data into one runtime.geodatabase has performance implications for the mobile device in displaying this data. And to do so doesn't work in that apart from not being able to identify which geodatabase has what data in it, the copy command in windows explorer allows you to create a copy but the mobile application doesn't read the two files as anything different from one or the other, and so wont load the data correctly into the mobile application. If I could rename the runtime.geodatabase which repairs/renames the headers or xml or whatever it is within the database this may work. I did sort of find a work around in adding the .geodatabase  file type extension to ArcCatalog but the limit then being it basically kills the performance of ArcGIS for any other function. So I wish to see a tool that can copy or rename a runtime.geodatabase without these limitations.

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