Census block wise space-time analysis using with ArcMap (Desktop)

03-23-2019 11:07 AM
New Contributor

I am new to ArcGIS and I have a specific doubt regarding my an analysis project.

I have census blocks shape file and geocoded patients’ data with different information including visit date, purpose etc. I want to analyse the monthly trend of different patient’s visits across the census blocks to ultimately generate heat maps of census blocks across each month and I have been trying to understand how I can achieve it. I tried to perform Spatial Join (with Source layer as Patients layer and Target layer as Blocks layer), but I could get only the sum of all the patient visits of each block (irrespective of months/years) as a summarized column and I want to find the sum of patient visits across blocks but categorized/split for each month based on the visit date.

Could you please suggest me an idea about how I can achieve it. I really appreciate your help.

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