ArcGIS Pro and GeoPandas

09-15-2017 12:11 PM
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Is it possible to install geopandas into the arcgispro-py3 environment without any problems?

Note that geopandas is not found when trying to Add Packages in the ArcGIS Pro Python

Package Manager. From the command line (conda install -c Conda-Forge geopandas) gives

missing write permission and suggest creating a clone environment. This clone environment

does not contain arcpy. Please help with the proper way to do this as geopandas would be 

useful with arcpy.

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there is the 'arcgis' module instead.  they keep a pretty close eye on what can be installed inside their conda environment.  Create a separate conda distribution if you need to work with geopandas and the like... but you won't have arcpy 

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for the advice about using the 'arcgis' module instead of geopandas. However, I need

to extract the coordinates (x and y) from the spatial data frame geometry SHAPE item. I am

not a very experienced Python programmer and what seems to be a dictionary inside a pandas

series is not what I have figured out how to read. Any suggestions about how to do this would

be greatly appreciated!

Also, I thought about using geopandas because I was having problems reading and writing files

using the SSDO (earlier GeoNet posting). There have been so far no replies. I did do a test on

one of my PCs where I changed the protections on the arcgispro-py3 folder and installed geopandas.

ArcGIS Pro still seems to work and I can use geopandas with arcpy, but not sure of any problems

that this may have caused.

If necessary I think I can split my work between two Python environments (arcgispro-py3 and

another with geopandas). I would really just like to use only the arcgispro-py3 environment.

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I have been blogging about some stuff... not all done, but these might get you started

ArcGIS API for Python... What is where

-----------------------------... Geometry Part II

Now if you want them in a particular format, you can explore. the option.  ie a Pandas dataframe, a numpy array, a list? as a point featureclass

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