ArcGIS Koop - koop-cache-memory customize

11-29-2021 05:36 AM
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I have successfully deployed ArcGIS Koop and connected the API from which I am getting data. ArcGIS Koop translate this data and I can successfully view it on the Web map and in ArcGIS Pro using the provider Socrata.
I have two variants for the deployed application: ArcGIS Koop Core v. 4.2.1 and ArcGIS Koop CLI v. 1.1.2, but data transfer via the API is slow, so I want to connect the koop-cache-memory plugin, I configured this plugin according to the instructions, that is, in the koop core version in the server.js file:



I indicated this plugin, but I can not see that it works.
I have a question, what is the path for storing the cache data and what other settings should I do?

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