Append Errors using Rest API in AGOL

02-01-2021 02:59 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I am looking for some help using AGOL and the REST API, I am *not* a programmer but I have a long standing background in GIS and managing GIS systems, I am working with an experienced programmer!

We have a project where users are making new routes for a network and we need to be able to upload and append their GPX data to an AGOL feature layer (NOT update). Because AGOL doesn't accept GPX we convert the GPX to a GeoJson file on the website server and then send this to the AGOL environment however we get an error 'Append not enabled' (sync and track changes are turned off), so how do we enable this?

I can do this exact process using AGOL so why does it fail using the REST API? 

I have made sure that the field format is correct for the GeoJson file but exporting a feature from AGOL and converting it and because we can do this process manually. 

All help very welcome, we have been stuck on this for weeks and its key to the project.

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